To the potential customer,
With years of knowledge in the woodworking and music industry, Len Chappell (Custom Woodworks of Nashville) has designed a unique product for the guitar which is known as "The Rack". It is the top of the line of wall mount guitar racks. Designed for the guitar enthusiasts as well as the professional, "The Rack" offers a secure and reliable display for even the highest quality guitar. Designed with the proper angle and using the same material that you find in your guitar case, the felt comforts the guitar where there is no rubber to lacquer when it hangs on the wall. "The Rack" will accommodate any room and has the unique ability of not only being the most secure wall mount but one with a strong sense of style.

Created to blend any style of wood with any color fabric that goes in a guitar case and will accent your guitar from the case to the wall. "The Rack" provides elegance and function showing that you truly treasure your guitar. "The Rack" is constructed out of the highest quality hardwoods from Cherry to exotics like Mahogany. Each one is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. "The Rack" is designed and created to be a self supporting wall rack that can be hung virtually anywhere. "The Rack" can be mounted without finding a stud and comes with everything needed to mount it to the wall for easy installation. "The Rack" is designed and manufactured by Len Chappell (Custom Woodworks of Nashville), a family owned company which has stood by it's vision of providing high quality products and services. Len Chappell has over 30 years of musical and wood working experience. As a guitar player he could not find a wall mount guitar rack which suited his taste as they were all built with plastic tubing or metal. "The Rack" is a lifelong product which is designed not to draw up or shrink due to normal wear and tear as does the surgical tubing. "The Rack" provides a home for the guitar out of its case or a display for the collectible guitar to show off. Safety for the guitar was the whole concept of "The Rack". With the many different style of guitars on the market today, "The Rack" can readily display any make or model of guitar. Click on any of the photos below to see a larger view of "The Rack" on display.


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